The Hardest Job In The World

Yesterday was a tough day for me. On reflection it shouldn’t have been. We had a good day – we went to a Fun Train class, we had a play date at ours, Aoife napped and I got some housework done, we played with giant bubbles in the garden and bounced on the trampoline. On paper it was a pretty successful day, but the reality was that every moan and squeal, every trantrum and kick-off, seemed to pierce through me and hit a raw nerve.

By 8pm I was exhausted. I barely had the energy to talk to Grant and I slumped off to bed early. I’ve done my fair share of crappy jobs – I’ve stocked supermarket shelves, I’ve waitressed in rat infested restaurants, I’ve sold hot dogs in a theme park and scrubbed toilets in a hotel but days like yesterday make parenting feel like the hardest job in the world.

Job Advert Stay At Home Mom

Luckily Scarlett O Hara was right and tomorrow is another day! And hey, its Friday, its a bank holiday and there’s a bottle of wine and a kilo slab of chocolate with my name on it tonight!

Ciara xxx

5 thoughts on “The Hardest Job In The World

  1. Saw on Mumsnet Bloggers forum you’d had some stick about this post. Can’t see why – it’s both true and funny. The first few years of being a parent felt like this to me. Now my boys are 10 and 12, and though things change there are still some days when I think how am I ever going to survive?

    Keep blogging on, chuck! :)

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